New Voice Strategies

Our Mission

We create, incubate and launch projects to heal divides, restore compassion and strengthen self-government.


Our Board

Sean Bradshaw

Sean is an aerospace engineer at Pratt & Whitney and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University. 

Karen Skelton

Karen is Founder and President of Skelton Strategies, a boutique political and consulting firm. 

Terre Thomas

Terre is Executive Director at Small Sums. Small Sums’ sole purpose is to help homeless individuals, who have found jobs, with the specific things that they need to start back to work.

Tom Cosgrove

Tom is Founder and President of NVS. He is a civic entrepreneur, strategist and political activist.


Our Projects

The Restoring Joy Network

A network of caregivers and resources to foster personal well being and return joy to nurses, physicians and other health care professionals.




Divided We Fall

A television docu-series created to match the challenges Americans are now experiencing in our political and public discourse.

The VIVA Teachers Project

A collaborative report from National Education Association members of nine states recommending how to confront the problem of school violence and protection of students and staff.

Center for Women and Business Idea Exchange and Report


Civility is not a sign of weakness, but of civilization.
— Nicholas Kristof